Morning traffic at Newtown High School is replete with challenges – parents dropping off students, student drivers, buses, commuters accessing I-84, two traffic lights, and a traffic control officer who tries to coordinate it all. It has been suggested that, even with all of the challenges, traffic conditions might be smoother without a Traffic Control Officer directing the flow of traffic on Route 34 at the high school entrance.

We have tried to make internal adjustments – having buses drop off farther up the driveway, encouraging parents to do the same, and separating bus and auto lanes. After coordinating with the Newtown Police Department, Newtown High School Security, and All-Star Transportation, we are prepared to try a three-day trial (mornings only from Monday, November 25, 2013 until Wednesday, November 27, 2013) without the traffic control officer to see if an adjustment improves traffic flow.

In order for this trial to be successful, we will need cooperation, patience, and goodwill from all of our drivers. We are asking that you make every effort to minimize disruption to the natural flow of traffic and maximize the ease with which buses travel into and out of the driveway. Maintaining smooth, continuous bus traffic will ensure that all of our students arrive at all of our schools on time and will reduce or eliminate the need for additional personnel to coordinate traffic. In other words, please help the buses keep moving and, when necessary, please let the other person go.

Personnel from Newtown High School, the Newtown Police Department (crossing guard and Sergeant), and All-Star Transportation will be monitoring the exercise, ready to step in if necessary. We thank you in advance for your assistance and feedback.

How you can help while on campus:

  • Pull forward beyond the main entrance to drop off, allowing more room for cars to get on campus
  • Do not unnecessarily cross traffic lanes in the driveway
  • Pull forward and exit by following the driveway instead of cutting across the parking lot

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