Elizabeth Ward-de Leon, of the Newtown High School World Language Department, visited Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School in Palmer, Massachusetts from April 9, 2012 to April 12, 2012 as a member of a visiting NEASC team. During Ms. Ward’s visit to the school, she participated in the committees to analyze school atmosphere, administration, educational programs, the English department, and the Social Studies department. Ms. Ward also chaired and presented the information about the World Language Department to the visiting NEASC team. Throughout the experience, Ms. Ward engaged in working with students, staff and administration to understand the strengths and the general workings of the school. Ms. Ward also worked with students, staff, administration, and NEASC team members to see if any action could be done to possibly move the school forward and enhance the learning experience for the students. The NEASC experience will be shared with colleagues and has proved to be a fruitful professional development experience.

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