The Newtown High School greenhouse may be new, but the techniques of starting a crop haven’t changed for millennia. Seeds, seedlings, sprouts, and plants must be regularly transplanted to encourage proper growth, and all of this must be done by skillful, gentle hands continually immersed in carefully mixed plant medium . . . not dirt! Each session begins with hand-washing to reduce the likelihood of contaminating the fragile young flora.

Students enrolled in Mr. George Bachman’s Greenery courses this semester have the unique privilege of planting and nurturing the very first crop to be grown in their new facility. The students pictured worked through an extended period while hail and heavy rain clattered against the greenhouse walls.

Mr. Bachman spent the session coaching and motivating Molly Emmerthal (11), Brian Olszewski (12), Dillon Kelly (12), Brianna Caberson (11), Parker Detrick (11), Mike Lobosco (12), Sandy DiLisio (11), Zachary Marmo (11), Chris Liotta (11), and Cameron Deselin (10).

NHS Greenery courses are open to enrollment by students in grades 9-12, and there are still a few slots (4 or 5) open for Greenhouse Management 1&2. Interested students should see their guidance counselor immediately.

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