Students in Mr. Kuroski’s CPA and Honors Anatomy and Physiology Classes recently completed the annual Skeleton Poster Project. Finished posters were on display in the lobby for the past several weeks. Students were assigned the task of creating a unique free-hand drawing of the human skeleton that included all of the major bones in the body. They then had to personalize their skeleton with a theme that made each poster unique among those in the class. A comprehensive rubric was used to make sure each poster met a variety of strict requirements for both accuracy and presentation. Using the rubric, students were then responsible for evaluating each of the posters and choosing the one in each class that they felt was the “BEST IN THE CLASS”. The winning posters this year were “SANTAREXIA” created by Morgan Mills and Mehan Hintzen in the CPA class and “BONEY THE ELF” created by Kaitlin Brophy and Kelly Stendahl in the Honors class. Both teams achieved a 100% on their posters. The winning posters are still on display on the wall outside the main office. As you can see from the pictures above, all the students did an excellent job of making this years’ poster project one of the best ever!


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