Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Month Ahead

As we approach the anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there are as many questions and anxieties today as there were a year ago.  It is hard not to be a bit tired and drained, diverting thought and energy from the tasks of daily life to events both known and unknown.  It is also hard not to be a bit energized and hopeful after seeing the unique and powerful way that a community came together.

Time helps the pain subside but it also diminishes our memories of the positive things that happen each day.  Take this moment to re-envision the future that you wish to see, reflect on the amazing demonstrations of hope and compassion that our staff, students, and families have made this past year.  Through tolerance, kindness, respect, and the initial assumption of positive intentions, we have helped each other, in many small steps, to get to a better place.

Isolation is still the enemy.  Isolation is the engine of all of the destructive consequences of the pain that we continue to feel.  Isolation feeds fear and anger.  But you can fight isolation.  The response that is healthy and helpful is to weave some recognition of a good quality into every conversation with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.  It helps to create a sense of safety and value that supports long-term personal and organizational health.  Through this sharing you will see the AMAZING that I continue to see among us.

We continue to be committed to creating an environment that best supports an accelerated healing process and allows students, staff, and families to take the next steps toward a healthy future.  Resources continue to be available for students, staff, and families. If you have taken advantage of them in the past, we encourage you to continue to do so.  If you thought that you might but have been reluctant to take advantage of them, we encourage you to shed your reluctance and reach out.

On December 13, 2013, the high school is planning to start the day by congregating in the gym for a brief moment of silence and a celebration of the tremendous strength and resilience that has been demonstrated over the past year.  We are planning on closing the day with a brief opportunity for students and teachers to connect, should they wish to do so.

Our collective strength and resilience will continue to serve as an example to the rest of the world.